Saturday, August 7, 2010

why i started this blog

There are many reasons why i wanted to start this blog:-

1st: i always interested in art. So, this blog will be my place where i can share my knowledge and inspiration about art (especially handmade crafts since i crazy about them!!!)

2nd: i was so damn bored to death during my unemployed period so i decided to kill my time and find something to concentrate on and tadaa... i gave birth to this blog (literally)!!

3rd: OK. i lied! Actually, i dont have many reasons. i started this blog just because i have nothing to do besides watching tv, stalking other people's life online, eating and sleeping (note: i'm only doing these crappy stuffs mentioned above because i'm unemployed currently. i MIGHT change my routine when i will be posted)

You are welcome to visit this blog anytime you like and please leave some constructive comments or critics... it will be such an honour to me :)

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