Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DIY : Doodle Stickers

i really like the idea of making your own stickers using vinyl from One Pearl Button. i honestly dont know what vinyl or clear contact paper mentioned in the site is. So, i change it to the clear PVC sticker that we usually put on our laptop cover to protect it from scratches. It is easier to find rather than vinyl. Therefore, dont throw away the leftover of your PVC sticker after you cut it according to the size of your laptop because you can turn the scraps into something interesting. Moreover, this sticker is fun to make and you can reposition and take it off anytime you like and make a new one.

Things needed

1. clear PVC stickers or any kind of clear sticker will do
2. a bundle of colourful Sharpie markers or permanent markers
3. any doodle of pattern that you like ( i'm using this really cute pattern from


1. Cut the clear sticker according to the size or bigger than the pattern that you like.
2. Trace the pattern using permanent marker i.e Sharpie

3. Decorate your sticker using coloured markers
4. Cut out the sticker according to the shape of the pattern
5. Peel off the backing and use your handmade sticker on anything you like. i used mine on my broadband modem. Cute right?

i made one for my youngest sister since she loves plaid so much and wears plaid most of the time. i had fun designing the plaid pattern but did not fancy my work on the wordings. bad combination of colour. However, my sister loves it and keep it inside her purse. Yeay!!

Happy Trying!!!

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