Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sharing is caring: Cheap yarns & buttons!!

I went to Sg Besi town this afternoon to send my sister's jeans for altering. While waiting for it to be done, we were walking and window shopping around the small town. Luckily, I found this shop that sell artificial flowers and stuffs for bunga telur and hantaran. I realised that it sells wide range of different colours acrylic yarn at RM2.80 each and irresistibly cute and colourful buttons (price varies according to size and style). After took about 7 different coloured yarns and a handful of buttons, I asked for discount from the friendly sale assistant. At the end, I paid only RM2 per yarn (normally RM2.80 - 3.20) and 10 cent for each button. Totally cheap and worth it!! But, please don't ask me the name of the shop because I really didn't remember it. Now, lookie here what I had spend my money and time choosing on:

Beautiful and bright coloured yarns. Bought them for my crochet project.

Too many buttons in the shop that made me so confused and ended up with some colours that I already had at home.

P/s: Don't expect the shop will be big and fancy because it is only in a small town. However, you can get almost everything about sewing, knitting, and decoration for hantaran there.

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