Friday, August 13, 2010

DIY : Polka Dots Ribbon Flower

I first got the idea to make this polka dots ribbon flower when I was looking at a whole bunch of unused ribbons and buttons at my home. The ribbons are so colourful and fancy and made me feel guilty to throw them away. Therefore, I wanted to make something useful and cute out of the ribbons. This DIY flower is very easy to make and it took me 10 minutes only to make one. Dont worry about the sewing skill needed as it only requires the most basic skill in sewing. Happy sewing!!!

Things needed:
1. Ribbons
2. Threads and needle
3. Buttons or beads

1. Sew a few rough stitches along the end of the ribbon. The length of the ribbon depends on how big the flower you want. The longer the ribbon, the bigger your flower will be.
2. Then, pull the thread with one hand while the other hand holding the ribbon. The ribbon will gather like in the picture above.
3. Form the gathered ribbon into a circle and tack all the layers together with a few stitches. Decorate your flower by sewing a button or bead to the center of your flower.
Suggestion: You can make your flower as a brooch by sewing a small safety pin at the back of your flower. You can also stick your flower on your hair band or hair pin using hot glue or super glue. If you wanted a more challenging flower, you can learn from this tutorial.
Crafty Fun!!
I secretly kidnapped my sister's teddy bear and gave him a makeover by putting a cute polka dots flower on his left ear. He is now a she.. Yeay!! My sister finally found out about it later and blamed me for transgendering (is there such word?) her teddy. Hehe

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