Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New obsession: Felt brooches

I have to admit it. I'm really really addicted in making small felt brooches. It started when my friend, Aziah requested to make some for her to wear at school. After browsing for ideas and making a few brooches, I just couldn't stop myself. It ended up that I made more than my limitation (ONLY 2 brooches are allowed per week due to busy life at new school). But I'm having fun. It just fills all the emptiness of having to stay here in Kedah (no shopping mall, dominos, McD and more and more). Plus, I even made some for myself and wore them proudly to school!! Some of my students started to notice my brooches and asked about them. Here are some of the brooches. There will be more and more coming~

P/S: Sorry for the low quality of the pictures because I used my phone's camera. Too lazy to find my camera..

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