Thursday, November 18, 2010

DIY : Paper Bunting

When I was posted to my new school, I was assigned with several tasks. One of them is the class teacher of 4 Tekun. As the school term is almost end, the pupils wanted to have a class party. So, I decided to do some decorations for the party. I tried to make some pom poms but they are too time consuming. Then, I opted to make bunting as it is easier and time saving. Plus, it was fun doing it with the helps from your pupils (although it took double of your time than you do it alone).

Things needed:

coloured A4 papers
  • string
  • scissor
  • glue

1. Cut the coloured papers into triangle. Don't forget to leave some tab on the top of your triangle (It is for putting the string through)

2. Print out the wordings according to your desired size and type of font. (I outlined my letters with sharpie so that the line will be thicker and easier to read from far)

3. Front : Then, cut out all the letters and paste it on the triangles.

4. Back : Fold the tab (on the top of triangle) and put some cellophane tape or masking tape. Put the string through your triangle.
P/S: I forgot to snap pic for this step because I was too busy instructing the pupils.

5. Finally, put up your bunting and dont forget to use lotsa and lotsa of tape or your bunting will be ended up like mine. Droopy and kept on falling off.

The pupils wanted to take some pics with the bunting that they made. You can see that it kept on falling off.

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