Saturday, November 20, 2010

Felt Craft: Doll Keychain

Flickr is absolutely a place where you can find many creative ideas related to felt craft. Thanks to those creative crafters, I had the chance to steal (muahaha!!!) their ideas and managed to make this doll keychain. I used the cute buttons given by Aziah to embellish the doll. This doll can be made into keychain, brooch or even pendant. Gonna make one for Aziah as the thank you gift~

Aziah reminds me of half covered face with side-swept bangs and lotsa RED n BLACK!!!


  1. ani!! this is super cute! teringat mermaid yg ko wat gune bahan2 aku tu. hehe..
    rajen la ko wat mende ni. leh order ni. :)

  2. thanks... will try to make mermaid version next time!!