Saturday, March 12, 2011

Felt Craft: Red Ixora Brooch

I always love flowers. Being brought up by parents who love gardening, has given me chances to know different types of beautiful flowers. I have seen many species of orchids, roses, bougainvilleas and many more other flowers as the results of frequent visits to plants nursery with my mom. But I always attracted to flowers that are small, have vibrant colours and bloom like pom-poms. And since I can't wear a fresh one as brooch to school, I decided to make a felt one. This time, I'm inspired by Ixora.

Fresh Ixora
Felt Ixora brooch (Front)
Felt Ixora brooch (Back)

After I'd done stitching the pinback, I just realised that Ixora only has 4 petals instead of 5 like my brooch. My mistake.. Really need to do some homeworks before cutting felt next time.
Feel like making a Hydrangea brooch in future. Who doesn't love Hydrangea especially the purplish pink one, right?


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