Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crochet Crazee: Double yarn crochet?

I wanted to make something special for my besties as their graduation gift. I was really interested with crocheting double yarn and wanted to try it. I tried to mix and match the yarns in order to find the most suitable combination. The heart pattern was chosen because it symbolises how much I love them. After so many trials and errors and pattern modifying, I finally found out the perfect pattern to crochet the heart using double yarns. The hearts turned out well and I sew some buttons to embellish them..

7 hearts were managed to be completed within 2 days despite the madness of preparing for the Graduation day... Hope they love it!!!


  1. ahah! the one that u featured in the making is mine now. hehe.. luv it. thanks ani. terharu aku! :)

  2. yup.. it's yours.. terharu kn? mne ade lg kwn ko yg wat bnde handmade utk ko? oppsss... lupe plak kt d rainbow letter.. ahaks

  3. haha.. tu lame punye cite. aku pun ade wat mende handmade bg kat org. cross-sticth bendera msia tu. siap pos ke korea lg. wakaka.. segan lak ai. huhu